Learn the Exact Strategies and Techniques I Use to Conserve My Sexual Energy (So I Can Transmute it) And Literally Last Forever in Bed, Distilled into an Easy to Follow Audio Program and Cheat Sheet

Psst - don't like reading long text?  I've recorded everything on this page for you verbatim, for you, in an audio:

  • Everything you need to know about delaying and fully controlling your ejaculations but without any fluff, theory or philosophy
  • A distilled audio program and easy to follow cheat sheet jam packed with actionable techniques
  • The most comprehensive collection of personal tips and strategies revealed for the first time ever
  • A detailed look at the pros and cons, as well as the best time to use to each technique

One of our students says this...

It is very hard to keep the lifestyle because of wet dreams, but it will soon be over. I can not thank you enough.”

Kevin A., Illinois, USA

The Biggest Secret to Gaining Full Ejaculation Control Needed to Transmute Your Sexual Energy Or to Simply Enjoy Sex 4 Times a Day and Have Four-Hour Sex Marathons

Would you like to know?

Let me be blunt: there are very few people in the world who can tell you.

Among the vast majority of men who claim to have amazing sex lives, some are on Viagra and derive no pleasure themselves from a drug that artificially inflates the penis. Those who aren't on sex drugs probably fornicate rigorously, finish and roll over in bed the very next moment. That's what they call amazing. I could be wrong but look, men are sensitive about their sexual competency, so there's no way they'll ever come clean and tell us what really happens behind the doors.

Even if they're in their sexual prime and can get back up quickly for a second round, they'll be thoroughly spent if they climax a second or third time in a day. A fourth day will probably destroy them and their productivity.

Some are my clients, paying me hundreds of dollars per hour to advise them.

Why would they pay such outrageous fees?

Because they want to do something to enjoy sex without wasting all their sexual energy and remain productive and focused when they're not having sex.

So, they come to me. Here's why:

When you do something amazing once, you might know what you're doing. When you do it twice, you probably know what you're doing. When you successfully do it for ten years, you definitely know what you're doing.

Well, I have sex not just for one, two or FOUR hours per session, I do it whenever I want, day after day, month after month (and yes, my girlfriends love sex - it's a virtuous cycle - the more sex they get, the more they want). And I've been doing this for ten years without losing any energy.

Could I just be lucky?

Maybe, but it's far more likely that I'm one of the few people in the world who truly understands sexual energy and how to enjoy endless sex with women. And right here, right now, I'll tell you my biggest "secret:"

Stop getting caught up with the heat of the moment. Instead, look at this like a job and get serious about being logical and methodical with sex.

It's Yours: Everything I Know About Gaining Absolute Control Over Your Ejaculations So You Can Make Productive Use of Your Sexual Energy Or Just Have Endless Sex

For the first time, I'm publishing everything I know about what it takes to have sex as long as you want. Like, forever. There are specific things you need to do of course, and it's not exactly a walk in the park, but it's doable.

Normally, I only talk about sexual transmutation and how to use your sexual energy in ways that have nothing to do with sex. But here, I'll do something completely different. I'll dive deep into techniques, tips, more techniques, and the topic everyone wants to know about: how to have sex forever with a woman (so she wants to keep coming back or idolizes you). Not just a few vague steps either, but instruction that's almost technical, showing you every single step and detail, where we carefully analyze the best time to apply each technique as well as why that's the case.

The program includes:

  • A 30-minute concise audio walk-through. This isn't some beginner-level walk-through teaching you a bunch of stuff you already know. We dive deep into advanced techniques and strategies, giving you real-life examples from myself, breaking it down so you understand exactly what you have to do.
  • A 15+ page special cheat sheet. We summarize the most important ideas and information about each technique so you can quickly glance through them and visually compare the pros, cons and special things you need to be aware of.
  • Special bonus tips on handling nocturnal emissions. YES, you can even say goodbye to nocturnal emissions forever with this program, provided that you manage to become semi-awake to do the techniques.

Here's Just a Little of What You'll Discover

What kinds of techniques do we cover? Here's a list of techniques and strategies that I'm currently enjoying:

  • The Quad Coolers: A Breakdown of Everything You Can Do (and When) to Buy Yourself Bonus Sex-Time
  • How to Instantly Alleviate Your Sexual Tension By Doing a Simple Thing that You Already Do Multiple Times a Day
  • How to Set Expectations With Your Partner to Remove Awkwardness When You Follow Some of These Techniques
  • Pleasure Dampers: How to Ease Your Sexual Tension, Even if You're a Complete Beginner with Sexual Energy
  • The Most Important Thing You Can Buy to Help You Instantly Cool Off (It Costs Less Than $3!)
  • Key advantages, caveats, and the best time to apply each technique
  • The Best Exercise You Can Do to Gain Full Control Over Your Ejaculations
  • The Unstoppable Duo: The Most Potent Techniques You can Use to Completely Stop Ejaculations in their Tracks (Even If You Think It's Too Late!)
  • Bonus Nocturnal Emission Control: The Key Thing You Need to Identify to Be Able to Act on Nocturnal Emissions
  • Much, much more...

How Is All This Different from the Posts and Videos We Publish for Free?

Good question.

First of all, you might notice that we never explicitly talk about sex anywhere, and second, we don't normally blog about technique.

At 30 minutes, we'll go into much greater depth than we can in a typical 1,500-3,000 word blog post, even if we did blog about the sex act. Here, we'll talk a lot more about how everything connects with each other, how they fit in your overall sex session, and exactly what to do. You'll also receive a supplementary 15+ page cheat sheet that summarizes what we think is most helpful.

These are also much more advanced topics. On the blog, we're forced to cater to our general readers who haven't really committed to transmuting their sexual energy yet or completely new to our work. All they want is a few basic tips and analogies, not in-depth material designed to help them achieve mastery.

But if that's all you needed, you'd already be mega-successful with your sex life, no?

That's why we created Unstoppable: to help you master the fundamentals of your sexual energy, starting with ejaculation control.

To be brutally honest, ejaculation control is basic, but you need it to have amazing sex and you absolutely need to have it handled to transmute your sexual energy.


Guarding Achilles' Heels is an introductory program that's focused on the benefits of Sexual Transmutation. It covers everything you could possibly want to know about the secret powers behind your sexual energy... but nothing else.

Unstoppable, on the other hand, covers everything you need to know about ejaculation control.

It's kind of like four sturdy, well-inflated tires versus making a road trip.

Guarding Achilles' Heels is the road that you travel on. You'll get in the "driver's seat", and if you work hard, you might successfully transmute your sexual energy once you learn "how to drive the car", and the car refers to our Sexual Transmutation Master Program.

Which one should you buy?

W​ell, all of them, of course. Duh :-)

If you're serious about being unstoppable, you want all the education you can get. Functioning wheels are helpful, but at a certain point, you also want to make the road trip, and to do that, you'll need to get in the driver's seat and a master program dedicated to Sexual Transmutation is what you'll need.

You can't choose one or the other. They all have their place.

Everything You Need to Know for the Price of Dinner for Two

Imagine for a moment that I'm coming to your town. Seeing that you're a blog subscriber, I contact you and ask if you'd like to go out to dinner.

"​Can I ask you a few questions about conserving my sexual energy (or lasting forever in bed)?" you ask.

"Sure," I say. "If you'll pick up the check, I'll let you ask me whatever you want. We can even go somewhere simple."

Would you take me up on it?

Will you love Unstoppable just as much as my free videos and content?

I'd like to think so, but there's no way for me to know for sure. That's why I'm making it easy for you to try it out.

Sign up today, check out the materials for 30 days, try them, and decide what you think. If you're not overjoyed with the content, let us know, and we'll issue you a refund. No questions asked, no delays and you can keep the PDF download.

The bottom line?

There's absolutely no risk for giving this a try. If you want it, just click the button below.

Warning: The Most Expensive Advice is the Advice You Don't Take

You might be thinking, "Well, I'm just getting started. Maybe I'll keep reading what's out there, and then I'll come back to this later."

But that's a mistake. Here's why:

It'll take you ten times as long. You won't know the best techniques to apply, when to use them during sex. You'll waste days or months trying to figure it out - you could be enjoying endless sex with all that time that you save. Oh, and you might also create friction with your partner or worse, look foolish as you fumble around experimenting with incomplete bits and pieces of information.  And no man likes to look stupid, especially not in the bedroom.

Unstoppable can save you from some of that. Not all of it – learning anything is a struggle at first – but what if we save you just a few days of frustration, give you just a few hours of super fantastic sex or boost your sexual energy to the next level? Is that worth $199?

And here's the real question:

If you're not willing to commit $199 to mastering your sexual impulses and letting that stop you, you're not very unstoppable, are you?

I don't say that to be mean. It's just the honest truth.

Think about it this way:

You were willing to try new restaurants, right? Maybe you and your buddies decided to all go to the new place a few blocks away, and you offered to pick up the tab, which was, let's say $200, for a meal that covers four people. So you went and had dinner, because you needed to eat, and the food was great, like the best you've had in a long time.

So why should this be any different?

Sex can be just as enjoyable and drawn out as any fine 8-course cuisine. If you're going to leverage your sexual energy or simply want to extend your sex sessions, you also have to dedicate the time and money necessary to master your ejaculation control.

And this is nowhere near as expensive!

Over the course of a year, you might spend $20,000 for food.

But, let me ask you this: how much is a year's worth of amazing productivity, contentment or endless sex worth to you?  $50,000? 

I think it's priceless, but I won't even charge you $10,000 for it.  Nope.  Not even $1,000.

This program is just $67. That's it. Of course you can pay me again and again if you want to thank me, but it's optional. Granted, we don't have fancy menus or those sexy waitresses that smile and greet you, but stick with it, and work on the techniques I give you, and you'll get just as much out of it.

Can I promise you'll last forever in bed and have amazing energy for ever and ever?

No. That only person that can make that promise is YOU.

You have to decide how unstoppable you want to be. You're either in this to last forever, or you're not.

So, what's it going to be?