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[Originally published on 2/9/2017.  Updated 6/27/2019]

I’ve discussed how someone who applies Sexual Transmutation to his life doesn’t get stuck with the urge to mate like most males around us.

Instead of chasing skirts, having sex, feeling tired or being agitated from the overindulgence in orgasms, a man benefits from his sexual desire when he focuses on other more productive outlets, such as building a business or writing a book.

Now, let’s see what Sexual Transmutation looks like in reality.

Here’s a link to the article: The Benefits of Sexual Transmutation

Consider the three following types of men and where they direct their time, energy and attention:

An ordinary man chases women or sex all of the time.

Women consume 90-100% of this man’s time, energy and attention.

A man who is driven and sexual may chase women, or he may not. When he is not chasing women, he may focus on money, productive work, or other creative uses of that sexual energy, like producing art, getting in shape, writing, or learning.

Women consume 50% of this man’s time, energy and attention.

A man who successfully transmutes his sexual energy directs his attention on things that don’t have anything to do with women, like making a sale and chasing a deal. Women naturally fall into his lap along the way.   If not, he continues with his life without women or sex.

Women consume 0-10% of this man’s time, energy and attention.

If you have ever approached a beautiful woman in a public environment, the following process should resonate with you.

Before you chat up the hot honey, there is this initial moment of doubt, or hesitation, which I call urgency, brewing inside, which motivates you to take action.  But once you talk to this babe, you feel better about it, and the actual result doesn’t matter.

What’s interesting is that the urgency that you felt so strongly just a moment ago is gone.


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In my experience, the process of going after worthy things in life aren’t much different than deciding to talk to an attractive women.

What are some of those worthy things?

I think they have to do with your lifestyle, job, and hobbies.

For a man, it takes a certain amount of courage to approach a woman you find attractive.  However, once you know how to talk to women, this is, in my view, the least daunting of all acts of courage.

Once you develop social skills, talking to an aesthetically pleasing human being who is, by nature, gentle, loving, and nurturing is a cakewalk, as compared to standing up for your beliefs, defending your values, and creating a nice world for yourself to live in.

Pursuing your ideal life, work, and interests all require at least the same amount of courage, far exceeding the courage needed to hit on girls.

It’s no surprise that many guys who are very smooth around girls end up mediocre in life, while the nerds, geeks and introverted men end up crushing it in their professional lives.

This is because there’s an opportunity cost, or trade off, that comes with every decision that you make.  Someone who spends a lot of time chasing girls does so at the expense of bettering himself, and vice versa.

In practical terms, every time you approach, date, or have sex with a woman, you are spending energy that you could’ve spent elsewhere, into another (hopefully better) woman, or on your life (which enables you to attract higher quality women).

If you squander your energy by spending your time on too many low quality women, you don’t have energy for yourself and the higher quality women.

This is just one of the limitations of the world.

You can’t advance other areas of your life if you are stuck with a sub-optimal life choice.

The wise person who understands opportunity cost avoids interacting with lots of low to mediocre people (men or women, sexually or for business etc) in order to better position himself to capitalize or benefit from the more valuable opportunities.

You can only become somebody who has something to offer to higher caliber people if you are not spending your time entertaining or evaluating lower caliber people and opportunities.

I had lunch with a client today.  He needed to get something at a store afterwards so while we were walking on a busy street downtown to the place, we saw a brand new, silver Mercedes SLS sports car, the type that screams to pedestrians I’m swimming in money, idling on the side of the road.

I suddenly felt the urge to find out if the owner was sitting in the car, so I lowered myself to his eye level, peered within, and motioned for the driver to roll down the windows. To my surprise, there was a driver, and he rolled down the windows. Inside sat an Asian man in his 30s, and it looked as if he had inherited a bunch of money from a wealthy family.

I wanted to find out if this guy would be interested in renting our luxury yachts.

One of my friends owns a yacht event business, and I recently started helping him acquire new customers on the side because I have always loved water sports. So I briefly explained to this Mercedes driver what we did while handing over a package that contained our brochures and my business card. He listened intently the whole time and didn’t cut me off or reject me immediately like other people would, which meant that he at least seemed open to the idea.

Now, a deal may or may not happen from this interaction, but what’s crucial to understand is that this rich guy is no different than a very beautiful woman.

The average person may find a luxury sports car owner very intimidating because the rich guy has money and the average man doesn’t.

Our typical friend never entertains the possibility that he, too, can become a rich guy himself or offer something in value to gain valuable alliances like this.

The Power of Sexual Transmutation

Here’s why Sexual Transmutation is so potent.

In my mind, I put attractive women at the bottom of my priority list when I go about my day because physical beauty is common.  I still marvel at the female body, but I am picky, and I’m won’t settle for any pair of legs and boobs.  I want the whole package – brain, homemaker skills, youth, and beauty.

Finding yacht clients Writing my screenplays, taking singing, directing, and acting lessons while I plan my film productions is one of many things that I assign higher value than attractive women.

Had I talked to a hot woman or two on this particular day leading up to the encounter, I would’ve spent my energy on a lower value action item: picking up girls.  Any ol’ run-of-the-mill dude can do that, but not many can start businesses, single-handedly produce, write, and direct a film.

If I satisfied my urge to mate, I would feel content prematurely and there wouldn’t be any urgency for me to talk to the sports car driver when the opportunity presented itself, nor would I take all the bigger risks that make me who I am today.

Since I chose not to talk to hot women all day (even though I very much desire them), I let my “approach energy” build, as I hadn’t used any of it up.

So now when I saw this Mercedes Benz driver, it was the equivalent of seeing 10 hot woman rolled up into a package (a dude). I felt that rush, that urgency and motivation that guys normally only get when they see a hot woman. So it compelled me to act, possibly generating a new connection in the process.

This is how Sexual Transmutation can help you accomplish great things.

1. You identify goals, activities and interests that are above sex, that have nothing to do with women (contact me for a coaching call if you want more).

2. You focus on your life.  You do not waste energy chasing women so you let your energy, motivation, and urgency (that “I must have sex NOW” feeling) build in a natural way and Guarding Achilles’ Heels is an effective course that helps you re-wire your thoughts so you can develop the right mindset about your sexual energy.


3. You strictly follow my unique Sexual Transmutation Master Program (again, contact me for more a coaching call) at the key moments and right times.

4. You will naturally act on these higher priority action items when you see them, think about them, or when the opportunities arise AS IF they were women (I explain why when you hire me as your coach).

5. You improve and become a more valuable man, meeting higher quality women in the process.

6. You continue to repeat this cycle (steps 1-5) and continue for as long as you have worthy goals, until you reach a level in life that you are satisfied with, with the woman (or women) that’s in your life.

Indeed, as my client and I were in the store waiting on our store associate, I casually joked that I was picking up rich guys instead of picking up women.

And there are so many finer things and experiences in life besides gorgeous women.

If you transmuted your sexual energy and looked back at the powers and mindset you gained, you will see (like many others before you) that that it’s essential to know why you should practice ST and agree that Guarding Achilles’ Heels was the very best investment you’ve ever made, and this is what ALL UNUSUAL INVESTORS DO! 🙂

Don’t wait another minute to start Guarding your Achilles’ Heels!

Have you ever felt this potent “urgency”?  What did you do?  Tell us in the comments below!

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