Manage your desires and addictions and feel what it's like to have a healthy relationship with your desires with this Ultimate Self-Talk.

  • Do you find yourself preoccupied with endless desires and sexual thoughts?

  • Do you have trouble stopping your (sexual) behavior knowing that it is inappropriate?

  • Do you find it difficult to go about your day because you are constantly wrestling your desires?

  • Would you like a way to finally rule your desires and addictions so you can finally get on with your life?



Unchecked desires and addictions are a real problem, especially ones that are related to sex.  If you suffer from it you know that it can really occupy your thoughts and take over your life in an unhealthy way. It can easily ruin your productivity, destroy your relationships and even kill your career.

When you are a slave to your desires, satisfying those urges is not longer about pleasure as much as simply being able to live and feel okay, and THAT is not okay.  You should never depend on something to be able to live and function, provided that you are a healthy, normal human being.

If you are tired of getting caught up in the destructive and addictive loop of desire > indulgence > void > desire > indulgence > void, then our Ultimate Self-Talk can help. It will get you to focus on your core beliefs and is designed to help you change the way you actually see your desires for what they are so you can change your attitude, thoughts and behavior towards it.

With this 'Managing Desires and Addictions' Ultimate Self-Talk you can:

  • Manage your desires and addictions. This audio helps you relax while giving you the key insights and correct beliefs that your mind needs to focus and reflect upon in order to help you "wake up" to the role of desires and annihilate addictions.

  • Learn how to handle your desires. You will find it easier to manage your desires and addictions when you know how to best think, feel and act at all times. You no longer be in the dark about the true nature of desire when you learn more empowering ways to make peace with it.

  • Heal and accept yourself emotionally. Generally speaking, addicts have a deeply unconscious love/hate relationships with themselves and have self-control issues which prevent themselves from saying no to addictions. The more you listen to this Ultimate Self-Talk, the more control you will develop and the more you will get the power of choice.

This Ultimate Self-Talk audio isn't a silver bullet or a promise to instantly fix your addiction problem. You must truly want to change and take responsibility for yourself. If you are really serious then this program will support you with the powerful attitude, insights and strategies that will enable you to move past addictions and leverage desires and make true progress in life.

What to Expect

This refreshing 16-minute Ultimate Self-Talk will take you on a guided journey within your mind and you will be given ideas, insights and correct attitudes in a relaxed way to help you change your core beliefs about desires.

Short Term

You will start to question your beliefs about desires as soon as you finish listening to this Ultimate Self-Talk, followed by the beginning of a major shift in your thinking. You will feel more grounded and will notice how calm and relaxed you feel just by having powerful material like this to anchor yourself in.

Long Term

Ultimately, the more you listen to this Ultimate Self-Talk, you will finally be able to break your addictions. You will find that your core beliefs about desire will have changed, and the malaise and anxiety you once felt will have disappeared and be replaced by a non-reactive person who is in control of his thoughts and actions at all times.

Download this Ultimate Self-Talk today and experience a powerful change in attitude towards your desires and finally get your addictions under control!